A Trio with a Dream

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”             –Walt Disney

So this morning I was surfing the Web, having checked email and caught up with business inquiries, and I happened to look at our recent Google search history.  Most of it was research for our children’s entertainment business– costume reference, birthday party ideas, princess theme decor, glitter supplies, and all sorts of magical things.  And right in the middle of all this fairytale stuff was “how to snake a toilet”.

That pretty much sums up our lives right now.

My mom and sister and I live together on our little 3-acre farm in a tiny town in central Indiana, caring for an assortment of rescue animals.  We run 2 entertainment businesses and work full time as balloon artists (all three of us together) for birthday parties and various events.

Yes, I said balloon artists!  As in balloon doggies and teddy bears and giraffes.  But it doesn’t stop there.  We’ve created some really unusual things, including a 13-foot penguin, caricatures of people, characters, and celebrities, and life size sculptures of all sorts of different things.  And it’s been an amazing adventure, working hard to create a family business that happens to included working daily with princesses and heroes and making kids’ faces light up!

Living on a farm has also been an adventure.  As an all-women family, we’ve had to learn on the go when it comes to fixing things that break.  Our adventures so far have included building a barn, installing running water, fixing the basement sump pump, the washer and dryer, the furnace, the truck tailgate, and the windshield wipers, and the aforementioned toilet-snaking escapade, to name a few.  When something breaks we’re far more likely to look at each other and say “How hard could it be?” and head to YouTube for answers, rather than call a repairman.

That’s us in a nutshell—- adventurous, creative-minded types with can-do attitudes who aren’t afraid to dive into a dirty job headfirst and “wing it”, and on the flip side, entertainers who live a life of sparkles and balloon magic and make kids’ dreams come true!

But we also have a dream of our own– to travel, to visit new places, to have some adventures together, to see the world and make some memories.  We have been on only a few vacations (entrepreneurship doesn’t allow much vacation time) and the travel bug has bitten all three of us hard.  Now we have full time travel on the brain.

At first it was just an idea, a dream, but we didn’t dream for long before we started talking about it.  We could travel to different places, document our adventures, start a blog, make some videos.  And of course we’d take some balloons along, and share our balloon-making skills with people everywhere we go, all around the world.

And talking about it led to questions.  How?  Where would we go?  Could we even do it?  This is a much bigger undertaking than living on a farm or starting a business.  This is a complete lifestyle change. It’s ridiculous.  How would we even start?

Somehow it seems very logical to buy a sailboat.

Mind you, we had never been on a sailboat before.  We didn’t know a thing about sailing.  We live in landlocked Indiana.  But think about it.  We could live aboard the boat, traveling from place to place, no rent, taking our home and a few possessions with us.  We can visit different places and maybe find one to call home more permanently.  And if we get annoying neighbors, we can just sail away.  We’d be locationally independent.  And when we’re ready for adventure, we could sail anywhere in the world.  What’s not to love?

After all, how hard can it be?